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I’m Creative. What’s Your Superpower?

Are you Clarke Kent or Superman? The answer is neither. You are your own person, silly.

How can one of the most notorious and iconic superheroes of history have anything to do with graphic designers­—or with creatives in general?

Lately, I have been listening to a few different podcasts that are geared toward designers and creatives and how to succeed in our fields with purpose and fulfillment. Earlier this month, Andy Miller, from the Creative Pep Talk podcast, presented the idea that each individual creative and designer has a gift—a passion. It’s up to us to find out what that is and run with it. Taking it a step further, we must identify with Clarke or Superman. Both are the same man, but one is aware of his superpower and utilizes it for good and for a purpose and the other stifles it to fit in with the common man. To thrive as an individual and find fulfillment in what we do, whether its entrepreneurship or passion projects, we must identify what drives us.

One thing I know is that I have a talent. I am a creative in different aspects, but right now, I’m aware of my gift as a graphic designer and I want to utilize it for good and for a purpose. I’m Superman!