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Korean Beauty Brands Took Packaging Design To The Next Level.

The packaging of a product plays an important role in influencing one’s purchasing decision; especially in the beauty industry. Admittedly, Korean beauty brands are not only innovative with their product formulas but also very creative with their packing designs, making their products hard to resist in the eye of the beholder. If you are a bubble Tea lover, then you will love Etude House’s bubble tea sleeping pack. Sleeping packs are an uprising trend amongst Asian cultures; this product can offer the important nutrients your needs during sleep.
The sleeping pack comes in a cup with bubble balls just like a real bubble tea that we love to drink. Trust me, you would tempted to drink it! Etude House’s bubble tea sleeping pack comes in three flavors with each of them giving a different effect. It is hard not to buy all three, especially with the benefits sleeping packs can offer, and the innovative design of the packagings.

Packaging design is everything these days, innovative and creative design can boost the sells for a company. Who does the packaging design the best you ask? Undoubtedly the Koreans, not only their beauty products are beneficial for your skin and who can resist the cuteness of their packaging designs.