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A virtual makeover can change everything

HATO, a graphic design studio, has designed a website for the British restaurant Sketch that suggests clients play with food and texture. Usually, restaurants feature websites have photos of the venue and food, but what makes unique the new Sketch website is that its gallery is made up of animated graphics and games.

Ken Kirton, HATO founder, expressed the idea was to be able to transmit the essence and experience of  Sketch through a sequence of these animated graphics. The way HATO created this website is original because the five dining rooms Sketch has are digital games for costumers to play before making their booking.

According to Kirton, capturing the excitement of being at Sketch was one of his goals. Also, he decided not to include any photo on the website because he wanted to give an extraordinary digital experience that gives clients a taste of the place when they visit but also they can find an element of surprise there. Creating this kind of websites allows new and old customers to see what unique experiences are waiting for them!

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