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A revolutionary technology: Hyperloop

As technology advances, new and improved ideas for transportation are quickly developing. Elon Musk, is creating the future for transportation. He is known for his extraordinary vision for technical transportation. He is the founder of Tesla, the world’s first ever premium all-electric sedan (Model S) to be made and the rapidly reusable rockets, SpaceX. He didn’t stop there, he recently introduced the Hyperloop One. The idea behind this is a ground transportation that could be as fast as air travel.

It is a system of magnetically propelled ground shuttles that rapidly runs through a series of pneumatic tubes at speeds up to 600 miles per hour. In the article, “4 Way Elon Musk is Creating the Transportation of the Future”, they quote how fast this new innovative ground transportation can take. The estimated time from Boston to Washington, DC will take under an hour. This can help lessen the tremendous amount of traffic and create convenience for everyone’s busy lifestyle. I’m always in awe of the ‘next new thing’ and how affective and influential it has on our world. I’m interested to see this project in action and to (hopefully) ride one in the near future.