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Growing Indoors

There is a new type of lamp created by Bjarke Ingels Group and Artemide and this lamp is a color changing lamp that can help plants grow. This new lamp is called Gople, it is pilled shaped, can be adjusted into different temperatures and can diffuse different colored lights. The lights are either blue, red or white.

Each color can promote the growth of the plant indoors, without the help of the sun. It will still provide white lighting for its surrounding when needed so this lamp is very versatile.

This is a great design for lamps and can be a model for future lamps. Because of global warming, pollution and deforestation, there are less and less land for farmers to grow there crops. Many companies are already investing in places where crops can grow indoors. These lamps can be a big help to increase the amount of crops grown indoors. Restaurants can also start growing their own produce in their buildings. Growing their own produce can help reduce unwanted pesticides and chemicals in their food. These could be an expensive investment but ultimately this could help with a lot of the problems going on in the world.