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The House Interior Everyone is Obsessed With







Texture, detail, and lots of geometry are hallmarks of the exotic and luxurious Moroccan interior design style. Many tourists and visitors to Morocco are inspired by this unique, expressive elegance and try to recreate it once back in their home countries.

The Moroccan look can be achieved in many ways. One important element is to use archways in entrances, which can make any room look more luxurious and fun. Using warm and cool hues on the walls is also a great way to achieve a Moroccan vibe. In some cases, a white wall can easily be dressed up with Moroccan accessories, such as paintings and lanterns which add an authentic, exotic effect. Moroccans are also known for their use of textiles, so don’t be afraid to mix different patterns and geometric forms, as well as colors and textures.

Of course, wall tiles and mosaics are also important to a Moroccan interior. Tiles can be expensive, so consider using wallpaper or contact paper to easily create the same effect! This kind of creative substitution can help even those on a tight budget to transform a room or an interior into a Moroccan-inspired space.

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