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The Dome of Visions

In Aarhus, Denmark near the waterfront lies the Dome of Visions. The structure is a culture center for the city where its visitors and residents can get involved with and support the community. The Dome is both aesthetically pleasing and stands out in relation to the architecture of the city. The space easily catches the attention of those passing by. The space works well for the public for many reasons but here are a few:

  1. The materiality- The Dome of Visions is transparent so it allows for the outside viewers to be intrigued by what is going on in there. The transparency of the dome brings the outside into the space.
  2. The location- Located at the center of the city the dome gets a lot of attention. The location is by the water which also allows for great views all throughout the year, even in the cold and windy winter.
  3. The Function- The use of the space changes from day to day and the space is a flexible structure.