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Pumpkin Carving Madness

Is pumpkin carving graphic design? Halloween is in a couple of days, so this weekend I carved a pumpkin. When I was picking out a pumpkin carving design out of the Pumpkin Master kit, I thought who makes the designs for people to carve?  The designs could be a product of a random person or they were designed by a graphic designer. I personally believe a graphic designer would have a great success selling off carving designs for people to use.  In this Creative Bloq post, it showcases ten amazing pumpkin carving done by an artist. The blog contains pictures and descriptions of the carving mentioning who designed them and how the artist accomplished the pumpkin carving. Obviously, if an artist was designing carvings for pumpkins it would have to be easy enough, so most of the general public could carve the design with no problems. After all, the activity of carving pumpkins with friends or family is to have fun. Who do you think designs the carving designs in pumpkin carving kits?

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