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Starbucks Sippy Cup

Recently while doing homework with a friend, I noticed that the Starbucks cup she was drinking from looked a little different. After examining it for a few more seconds, I noticed that the lid of the cold brew drink totally changed. Yes, Starbucks now has a sippy cup lid to replace their famous green straws! This is great news for people concerned with the environment, but bad news for people who are accustomed to using straws. I think that it is great that Starbucks plans to eliminate their usage of straws by the year 2020 — let’s see if they keep their promise.

Straws are very bad for the environment because they take nearly four centuries to biodegrade, which is a very long time. Straws are also bad for the environment because they are harmful to animals. Often times, animals will mistake straws and other plastic items for food, and they will ingest it. I think that people should consider the environment when they use straws. Even though restaurants have dishwashers to clean the dinnerware, many people still feel the need to use straws at restaurants because they think that the cups they are drinking from are unsanitary. People should stop using straws because (1) they don’t really need them, and (2) straws are terrible for the environment.