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Louisiana Museum of Modern art

Louisiana Museum of Modern Art is located right outside Copenhagen, Denmark. The museum’s location allows for its natural surroundings to play a part in the overall aesthetic.

The architecture allows its visitors to discover art at a human scale. When first approaching the museum, it appears to be a private house. Once a visitor walks through the doors of that house a large hall opens up the space. The hall remains at a relaxed human scale with its low ceilings and natural colors. The museum continues with two wings, one on either side of the hall. Both wings go above and below the ground, neither of them are visible from the front entrance of the museum. This creates an element of the unsuspected to draw the visitors in to explore. The individual exhibitions and art displays generally have an open floor plan, making multiple pieces at once visible but not overwhelm. Between exhibitions run large open hallways with many windows to bring in natural surroundings into the space.

The space creates a unique feel for an art museum. It pays close attention to scale and natural elements both inside and outside. These considerations create a peaceful and inviting space that makes the audience wanting to experience more.