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Designing A Typeface

What goes into designing a typeface? In my Advanced Typography class, I was challenged with designing a modular typeface in all caps or lowercase. The process of designing a modular typeface does not seem too difficult at first. As a designer, you create a set amount of parts to create each letter, and once you complete one letter you can use it to build another. For example, once I built the letter, 0, I reused it to create my letter, Q, by simply adding a small diagonal line to it. On the other hand, a designer must consider the desired function of the typeface they are creating. So, if the typeface is meant to by a display font, it can be more abstract or contain a pattern within it versus a typeface meant to use in paragraphs need to clean and legible in a small size. If you need some tips on creating a font this Creative Bloq post is a good start. The blog outlines eighteen top tips when designing a typeface. I believe designing a typeface is something every designer should try.