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Wireless Headphone With Wire

Apple inc. just found another way to rip-off its consumers again. People love apple products, and are willing to pay a premium price for their devices. Apple is like a cult once you are in it, it is very hard to escape from it. Since the new flagship phones do not have headphone jacks anymore, it become impossible for people to charge their phones while listing to music. Apple launched its own version of wireless headphones called AirPods alone with these new phone


At first people were amazed by the easy connectivities, and fast charging of the AirPods, soon people started to compline that they kept loosing or misplacing their AirPods due to the lack of cord. Apple soon saw the opportunity to make more money off these consumers, they released the AirPod strap. The AirPod strap allow users to connect their AirPods on a string from the both end of the pods, then place the strap around their necks. Suddenly, people were outraged, saying “Apple just cut the cords off from our regular EarPods then ask us for more money to have the cords back.” And “by having a strap on the AirPods made the headphone look just like the regular EarPods, Apple dose not have any creativities left.” 

Apple is known for their over price devices, that can not stop people stop buying them. For some people, using Apple products is more like a status symbol, and there are people like designers prefer the operation system and need the processing power an Apple device could offer. The AirPod to me is an over priced Item people don’t need, because the free EarPods come with phones would do the job just fine. 

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  1. galakeel wrote:

    This is interesting. I agree too that Apple lost its creativity.

    Friday, November 9, 2018 at 5:22 pm | Permalink