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Meet your silent bodyguard

While hanging out with my cousin recently, she told me about an app called Noonlight. It is an app for your safety, you connect your device to the app and it can sense danger. Or you can manually set an alarm to trigger when you need help. When the alarm goes off it sends an alert to a certified dispatcher who then responds quickly and sends help to your location. There are no automated messages or robots, instead humans are fully present because they believe your safety is their priority. My cousin who introduced me to this app explained how useful it is and encouraged me to download it. She has already used Noonlight countless amount of times when walking alone in the city at night and was useful. She felt more safe knowing she can immediately get in touch with 911 when she needed. The vast advancement of technology never fails to amaze me. It’s both good and scary knowing how fast technology has grown and how much our society relies it.

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  1. abasurto wrote:

    I think this is a very useful app, whether you’re along or you’re with a friend. I agree technology has advance considerably for when we use to have flip phones.

    Thursday, November 29, 2018 at 7:26 pm | Permalink