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The new version of the design packaging of Xbox Adaptive Controller

Microsoft has redesigned the packaging of Xbox Adaptive Controller to make it easier to open for gamers with limited mobility. In May, the brand released the Xbox Adaptive Controller which is a video game controller for people with a disability.

Following feedbacks from consumers with disabilities, the company considered how it can improve the packaging of the controller for those with disability. First, the team decided on a “no teeth principle” in response to the behavior practiced by people with limited mobility when they are opening packages. Second, Microsoft has taken away anything on the package that could cause cuts.

They added loops so consumers can remove easily the product in different ways. Another feature they added was a cardboard loop on the outside of the specially designed box. When the player pulls the ring, the shipping box pops open. Finally, Cardboard air cells have been included to the box to protect the product and in that way, to get rid of bubble wrap and plastic, meaning the packaging can be recycled.