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No More Warm Beer

Every gone to the beach and brought a beer with you and not long into your time being there it gets all warm and gross. Now there’s a thermal case that’s been created called the BottleKeeperthat solves that issue. This device is essentially a thermal bottle that is designed to hold a beer bottle inside of it. The thermal casing allows for any beer that is stored inside of it to stay cold for hours. To store your beer inside, the bottom of the thermal twists off allowing for the beer bottle to enter. The cap is extra-long and hollow so that it can seal the beer bottle inside and has a built-in bottle cap opener. The casing of the bottle is also has excellent shock absorbing capabilities, so just in case someone slams a volley ball at your beer, the bottle won’t break. The overall design looks very well made and durable.


Since the bottle in stored inside of a reusable casing it probably reduces incidental littering that happens when people pack their beach stuff up and forget to grab their crash bottles. Being around the holiday season, this is also a very good gift for a family member or friend that enjoys beer. The design also comes in seventeen different designs, so there is quite the variety to choose from. The BottleKeeper was a product that was showcased on the popular TV show SharkTank. Ever since it has had great international success. Now there’s no more need to worry about your beer getting warm.

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