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Have you updated to MacOS Mojave?

Have you updated your MacOS software yet? MacOS is an operating system on the MacBook and recently Apple Inc. released their fifteenth major update, the macOS Mojave. The latest design of this software includes new features such as dark mode, stack, and new ways to screenshot and look through your gallery. The drastic change to this software is the dark mode feature, it is a new look to your computer that helps you focus on your work. The main goal for this preference was to create a beautiful, distraction-free working environment that is supposed to be easier on the eyes. For starters, if it feels to dramatic of a change, Mojave includes the dynamic desktop wallpaper. This function allows the desktop to match the hour of the day where you are, from light to dark. Another exciting component to this update is the quick look. You can edit your files without having to open it and look through your gallery through quick actions. The stack functionality is a new way to keep your documents organized.

There are other significant updates to the Mojave, making the design interface simply more easy and powerful. Plus, you can now facetime up to 32 people, making it convenient to connect with your friends, family, and colleagues using any Apple device. I typically stall on any types of updates; however, I saw my friend with the new software and immediately downloaded it. I have been using the dark mode and enjoy the sleek look it gives to my desktop!