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The Value of Antiques

In Las Vegas, there is a street that is filled with antique and vintage shops. These shops have all sorts of antiques and vintage finds, from furniture, clothes, decorations, old bottles, and even some taxidermy mounts. The area was relatively successful with sales and the number of shoppers passing through.


But what makes antiques so desired and supported by society? Why is there so much value in the mundane past?

What I have come across in my enjoyment of antiques is that these pieces tell and contain history that serves more than just a commercial purpose. I find that the old and unwanted pieces serve me in feeling a bit unique when finding the perfect candlestick or frame. The antique finds allow me to see designs and other products that are not being produced today but still have so much value in them. The value of the authentic vintage design mixed with the use and deterioration of a piece produces a unique and personal design.