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The End of a Marathon

After midterms are over, every college student looks forward to Thanksgiving break. Thanksgiving is the time to relax and stuff our faces with homecooked food unless you are a designer like me and have final projects and papers due shortly after you return to college. Personally, between working and spending time with family, I did not have time to do school work, which left me cramming all the work I should have done on Monday. And, in typical college student fashion, I forgot about one of my assignment was due Monday and not later this week. My point is life after Thanksgiving break is stressful, and especially for graphic designers. Final projects are all due in two weeks along with final papers since we do not have exams during the final exam week, and we turn in final projects on the last day of class. Also, students’ motivation to get anything done after the break was left at home, unfortunately. How do you feel after getting back from Thanksgiving break?


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