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Helvetica, it’s everywhere!

Everywhere you look there are million advertisement and thing that the majority of don’t notice is the typeface. There are millions of typefaces used and the one typeface that is overused, Helvetica. Now I’m saying that Helvetica is a bad typeface, it’s one of the best typefaces out there because it’s invisible. In an article Everett states “For many people, it’s the font they see everywhere but never really notice. It’s the carrier of maximum content in minimal form, designed to deliver a message without adding any special typographical flavor.” I agree with because Apple uses this typeface in their products and in their advertisements. This typefaces neutrality and its modern look is what big companies look for to update their visual identities to separate themselves from their competition. It is also a great typeface if you’re design something because Helvetica pretty goes with everything. It’s not overpowering, nor does it express it’s owns personality.