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Learning the Hard Way

In my first year of studying design, I have learned that the art and design industry have a lot of talented people, and it is important to stand out. I changed my major in my second year of college, so I needed to catch up to all the other art students. When I started my design classes, my classmates had experience with programs like Photoshop and InDesign, and it intimidated me, almost to the point where I thought of reconsidering my major. I dreaded my first critique day because I always felt that my design was worse than everyone else’s. Luckily, I had encouraging classmates who helped give me ideas and tips on how I could improve my design. YouTube videos were also helpful when I was stuck on a project and didn’t know how to do something. There are many tricks and tips that I learned from watching tutorials. Eventually, I became more comfortable with each program after every design I made. Practicing and getting feedback from other students made me want to think of bigger and better ideas. Through trial and error, I found things that worked and didn’t work for me. For example, looking at examples of ideas and sketching out layouts of my design helps give me a guideline of what I want my design to be. To improve myself, I had to get out of my head and remind myself that I can do anything I put effort into. There are many great designers, but anyone can become a great designer with hard work and a computer.

If you ever feel stuck on a design and aren’t sure what to do, click here and you can find some tips to help you!