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Growing a Spine in Design

A client walks in and asks you to come up with a new logo for their brand of lollipops. You are probably thinking, “This will be so easy.” Then in the follow up, you have a bunch of sketches, fonts, and colors but all the client has to say is that none of it is good enough. Being dismissed for your hours of work is not very reassuring in the modern world of constant acceptance, is it?

Being a professional graphic designer can involve hard work that is often disregarded multiple times by clients. You might be constantly critiqued and remolded into what each client desires, leaving you feeling confused about your own creativity. What you fail to realize is that there are benefits to receiving these berating negative critiques of personal work. A client’s difference of opinion allows you to see how non-designers view the world of design without an artistic influence. Gradually, you gain more courage in presenting your work and the responses from clients that used to scare you no longer have negative connotation. While it is nice to be told that your work always exceeds expectations, it is more imperative that you get advice to better yourself in your field by comprehending what others want as well.

Once aspiring designers learn to accept harsh judgment, they can find that the variety of things they create are more than what they express but what the world evokes. Critiques from clients can improve character and allow for a more open mind as a designer in the development of professional design performance.

(Image removed at the request of the artist.)