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My Guilty Pleasure

I don’t usually treat myself to a lot of things. I’m very conservative with how I spend my money and I try to spend strategically as opposed to impulsively. But the one thing I seem to have no budget for is makeup. Makeup is my guilty pleasure.

My favorite place to shop for cosmetics is at Sephora; the mecca of makeup. They carry hundreds of brands in their stores that have varying price ranges to accommodate anyone’s budget. Many of the brands they carry  have fresh, fun, and funky package designs. One brand in particular that always has good package design is UrbanDecay Cosmetics. My favorite product by UrbanDecay is their eyeyeshadow, which happens to have a clever package design.

When purchased individually, the eyeshadows come in a small, silver, cylindrical case. The lid has a clear window in the center so you can see what shade it is. The outer rim of the lid is designed to look like a man-hole cover that you see in urban, city streets, which is evocative of it’s name. The design is very recognizable and clever, and it is one of the reasons I purchase this product (besides the actual makeup being awesome, which it is!). It is easy to find in my eyeshadow drawer amongst dozens of other brands of makeup, which I think is a testament to the effectiveness of the design.