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Graphic Design and Illustration: Yes? Or Yes?

Identical twins. They essentially begin as the same person in two different bodies. As they grow, they become two different people. Despite this separation, they’re still connected.

Graphic design and illustration are like fraternal twins, different but related, and they should work together well.

As both a graphic designer and an illustrator, I find the best of both worlds, with each having their distinct differences yet still seem so similar. It makes me wonder, these two MUST fit well together, right?


Or at least I think so.

What’s the difference?

Graphic design is a type of communication art, all tactics and planning, where everything is put together with a purpose. You MUST see everything because the designer WANTS you to see everything.

On the other hand, illustration is a piece of artwork that supports the text that comes with it. Unlike graphic design, an illustration doesn’t exactly require you to see everything; a broad look is fine.

I don’t see why we can’t have them fused together more often, for a designer to incorporate their own illustration and complement it with well-chosen type. Graphic design and illustration go hand in hand; one relates to each other as if bounded by blood, like twins. Sometimes they don’t need each other, evening going off in their own directions, but they always come back because one always complements the other.

But who knows?

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