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Discover a New Trait About Yourself

Who else has seen the new Netflix series, “Tidying Up”? Marie Kondo helps people live without all the clutter in their homes. Her method of “sparking joy” has taken the world by storm, inspiring tons of people to tidy up their homes. When organizing different sections of your living space, design plays an important role in your decision making. Not only are you putting items wherever you want, you are designing a layout for them. For example, when you are cleaning up a messy drawer, organization plays a big factor. You will categorize all of the writing utensils, paper supplies, etc. and put them in your new drawer organizers, however you want to give your drawers an upgrade, right? Learn how you can save money and still make your drawers look great. Your decisions on where to put each item in the drawer are your design skills going to work. Organization and design also come into play when cleaning out your closet. Designing the layout of where all of your clothes will go isn’t just based on whether or not you think it looks good. Your inner designer is guiding you on where to put each item to make your closet much more organized! Now that you have discovered a new trait about yourself, go show it off to the world!