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Illustrations with a Twist

Paper art or digital art? At first glance, I thought Eiko Ojala’s work was a clever blend of paper cut artwork and design, but to my surprise, his illustrations are actually hand-drawn and touched up digitally. He uses a combination of colors, layers, lights, shadows, and textures to create digital illustrations that almost perfectly mimic paper cut art. The majority of his designs are minimal, with some being a bit more complex. He often creates illustrations that move.

Ojala is known for incorporating these kinds of illustrations in his graphic design work. When I looked over his designs I was amazed, especially knowing that they’re created digitally. I believe that people like Eiko Ojala are important for graphic design because through his work, designers are reminded that they can also be artists. As a designer and artist myself, I believe that his work is really inspiring. After looking through his work on Behance I just felt like spending the rest of my day playing around on Illustrator.