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Leveling Up Video Game Box Art

Video game box art is in desperate need of improvement. Almost every new video game released in the past several years has included box art that consists of the same design principles: the main character standing or posing heroically while facing out at the viewer, a plain or blank background, and a title slapped around the top of the box. This derivative arrangement has become so overused and mind-numbingly commonplace that any kind of creative design or illustration (even slightly different) is a welcome change of pace.

Sensing a pattern here…

It is sad to see the packaging for an art form so dear to me become so unengaging and soulless, especially because it is a medium designed to be fun and engaging, to draw in a gamer’s interest upon first sight. Admittedly, the focus of the product is the contents of the game itself and not the packaging’s appearance; a unique, aesthetically pleasing box art encasing a mediocre video game is of no use to anyone. However, seeing the passion poured onto the covers of such games as “The Evil Within,” “Persona 5” and “The Occupation” is a refreshing and accurate reflection of the quality of the games themselves. The covers for these games immediately demand your attention not only because they are beautifully composed and visually pleasing, but also because they pique curiosity in the viewer for what the story and characters of the game hold in store. The standout covers for the three previously mentioned games set an intriguing tone for what is to come. In other words, they do more than just let us know that the protagonist can stand on both feet. More video games need to level up their box art.

Much better.