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Refreshing Movie Advertisement Found in Vice

The only interaction I have with movie posters is when I hop online to check movie times on Fandango, and even then it’s no big affair. The little thumbnail posters are just a stream of photographed figures on multi-colored backgrounds blending into one another.  Although recently, as I was scrolling through, the artwork for Vice caught my eye. Though we are surrounded by great graphic design, one category that consistently disappoints me is movie poster design. The poster for Vice is a glimmer of hope. The high contrast between the black, white, and yellow creates a very strong and eye-catching solution. The design helps deliver the film’s theme of power not only through the bold colors, but also the strong form. The strength of the silhouette in the right half of the poster is asymmetrically balanced by the title positioned vertically on the left side of the poster. The concise title lends itself to a wide range of design options, and I appreciate the final orientation decision. A small detail that adds to the design for me is the careful addition of supplementary color — the grey eyebrow and red and blue tertiary text. Judicious use of these colors, which are complementary to the main palette, draws in the eye without affecting the overall simple and bold design. Hopefully we will see more movie poster design following in the footsteps of Vice. In the meantime, if you want some refreshing unofficial redesigns of movie posters, Peter Majarich made one a day for a whole year. All of the posters are for sale from his company Craft & Graft.