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Communication Skills as a Graphic Designer

One of the most important roles of a graphic designer is being an expert communicator, both within design and interpersonally with clients. First and foremost, as a visual communicator, designers must be able to turn general abstract concepts, data, and text into something easily accessible and comprehensible to an audience. The designer’s final product should be able to translate an idea into a condensed form, communicating via the clearest visual means possible. In addition, a designer must also be a skilled communicator with the client throughout the product’s development. When starting a project, the designer should be an active listener while the client discusses their vision. Once the idea has been laid out, the designer should then ask for clarification from the client if necessary. However, the communication doesn’t stop at the project planning stage; afterward, the designer must continue communicating with the client through design briefs, sharing drafts, and especially letting the client know if any rough patches arise in the project’s timeline. If a designer’s communication skills are weak, a design project cannot be completed. This issue can stem from the designer either not listening, not expressing their questions or their plan, or not being able to visually express ideas. With strong communication skills in all areas, a graphic designer can find success in their field.

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