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Soulja Boy Cranked Copyright Infringement

I think it is safe to say we have all Crank That in our lives at least once or twice. Soulja Boy comes into the spotlight in 2019 under the circumstances the rapper may be facing criminal charges from Nintendo. In 2018, Soulja Boy released a game console, SouljaGame, that closely resembles the design of an Xbox One S and ran illicitly-obtained video games from Capcom, Nintendo, and other developers, which leads the rapper to copyright infringement. What exactly is copyright infringement? The act of copyright infringement in this case is taking someone else’s original work and reproducing it without permission.

SouljaGame was on the market for three weeks until the rapper was forced to stop selling his knockoff game console. The takeaway lesson here is to become educated as designers on how to protect ourselves from copyright infringement. In the realm of design, it is always important to educate and protect yourself from copyright violations and make sure you are giving credit to those who deserve it. To learn more about copyright in terms of a graphic designer, The Professional Association for Graphic Design breaks it down. So, before you second guess whether you will be cranking out anything with the absence of the whole truth, be aware and acknowledge copyright laws, unlike our beloved Soulja Boy.

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