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Death of the Movie Poster

Movie posters. They offer a glimpse of the overall tone of a movie. They are either seen placed inside theaters or shared online. Like album cover art in the musical world, the movie poster presents the viewer with a first impression of the movie’s concept. Yet, the impact is hardly noted by the mass media. Movie poster designs often possess an artistic quality that becomes the prominent characteristic through the poster’s well-executed composition. 

From the Art Deco style of Heinz-Schulz Neudamm’s Metropolis to the simplistic look of Jaws,successful movie posters can stand out by themselves if the movie title is removed. The poster from Jaws is regarded as the most iconic movie poster of all time due to the design’s simplistic nature. The beauty of a movie poster lies within its simplicity where the iconography does not rely on the typography to present the main themes of the films. Posters that accomplish this notion of simplicity imprint a permanent image within viewer’s minds. Movie posters are often forgotten once the actual film releases in theaters; however, we should not forget the beauty that these designs possess in both the cinematic and design world. 

 Cinematic posters deserve more credit than they are given, and some posters are designed to withstand the test of time. Empire has compiled a list of 50 movie posters that have accomplished this test