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Designs that Spark Happiness

Richard Perez and Jennifer Derosa are designers and illustrators who have worked for clients such as Google, Facebook, and Amazon. Their style is renowned for being charming, playful, and inviting.

Although their work has a cohesive style overall, their work also shows that they are not afraid to dive into darker concepts in light of their more playful concepts. For example, on their website, Skinny Ships, you first stumble upon a cute crying hamburger GIF, but then scroll down to see an illustration of an eye staring right into your soul. The contrast in their concepts is compelling.

This duo’s work is eye-catching and enjoyable. No matter what kind of design or illustration you lean towards you’ll easily be able to find something you like from them. I admire the versatility in the concepts, textures, and colors that they use in their designs and illustrations. If you want to see more from them, their Instagram page is updated more often than their website.