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Motion Design: It’s Alive!

Good visual design requires consideration: clear visuals, a good color scheme, compositional balance, and all kinds of other details that bring the whole piece together. For posters, pamphlets, and other printed designs, you only need to worry about 2D design elements, but when it comes to Web Design, you can’t stop there. (I mean, you can, but that’s boring.) Imagine if a website were completely flat. The buttons wouldn’t blink when you passed over them, the screen wouldn’t scroll, and there would be no loading animation to let you know whether or not your computer has simply crashed; you’d get a little miffed at how unresponsive the website was. What you need is a little motion design.

Put simply, motion design is all animated design. Motion design is every title screen for a movie or music video where the text comes to life on the screen and becomes part of the environment of the piece. It is also every little demo animation on a website that shows you how a product works or makes a survey or puzzle game more fun and interactive. It is design come to life.

So liven it up. Our eyes are already wired to detect movement. Motion design grabs our attention and holds it, takes us for a walk across the screen, lets us know if we’ve accomplished something, or made a mistake. Motion design turns your website into a helpful companion, rather than an emotionless machine. A responsive design will also let your customer know that you were thinking of them when you were creating your project— if not for your clients, then who for?

If you’re interested in adding some flair to your own designs, or simply want to know more, check out this article on motion design.

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