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The power of color

As designers, we are always working to persuade peoples decisions, whether that be what brand of shoe to buy to who to vote for in the next election. It’s great to know the right font and imagery to use but one of the most powerful tools we have as designers is color. Colors do a lot for your projects more than just looking good colors can affect a person’s mood or how your project is received. For instance, if you were making an advertisement for that you wish to evoke a feeling of sophistication and power you might want to use black or very dark colors. If you want the feeling of clean, virtuous, and healthy you would rely heavily on the color white. Red is used when you want to evoke the emotion of aggression, passion, and importance. Orange can be energetic, playful and cheap where the warm color of yellow could make a person think of happiness or warning. Green and brown are your earth colors green is associated with nature, stable, prosperous and brown is associated with the sturdiness, and rustic. These are a small selection of the color and the subliminal effects they can cause in the viewer.

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