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Hand Rendered Type

When I think about hand drawn typefaces, it reminds me of middle and high school. Anytime we were required to cover our books with grocery bags, students took the time to make their brown-paper-bagged-books unique by adding there own hand drawn typography. Boys and girls would pass each other notes throughout the day with all kinds of hand rendered type and graphic images. I used to, and sometimes still, write notes on my hand using the same kind of personalized letterforms.

The uniqueness, the variety, and the evocative nature of hand rendered typography is what makes it so, well, cool! Unfortunately, there are far less opportunities to use hand rendered type than I might like. While searching through articles at, I came across an article with some really wonderful examples of hand drawn typography.  As I scrolled through the images, I couldn’t help but be taken back to the days of passing notes and doodling during class. I think you will enjoy these examples just as much as I did, and maybe find a little inspiration from them as well.

Check it out here: