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The Process is Important!

Its easy to appreciate a piece of work or a design. However, to every amazing painting or well executed design, there is a process. Everyone has their own. If you ask one hundred different people what they do before and while they are creating something, you are bound to get one hundred different responses. Though, what is a process when it comes to art? The answer is simple! It is whatever you want it to be.

My process before starting to work on a design or art consists of finding a very comfortable place to work: a couch, a bed or even a coffee shop. Then I tune into a podcast and listen while I work. Podcasts usually help me concentrate. I also enjoy listening to music occasionally, but I would much rather listen to a podcast as the sound of human conversation oddly comforts me. Being comfortable and listening to podcasts is the best way for me to create my best work. Process is important for that reason, having and using it may help you produce your finest work. What is your process? Comment your thoughts!