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Hand Drawn Text

 In a world with many creative designers, thinking outside the box can be difficult. One idea is adding hand drawn text to a design. A hand drawn text can help give a design more character. It can sometimes add a more playful feel to a text. I the image I added below, the text reads “Safe in my steep cliffs.” At first glance, without reading what the texts say, you get the sense of a fun and relaxing time camping, at least that was my first impression. After reading the text I realized that the person is talking about a steep cliff. Usually we assume cliffs as being dangerous and scary, but with this text, it almost diminishes the frightening aspects of a cliff. It also plays into the texts because they say the word “safe,” and the hand drawn element helps make the cliff seem safer. Putting in a hand drawn element into a design can change the mood of a design just like in this example.