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The Doodling Designer

Do you want to know a designer that evokes pure fun in every design he creates? Look no further than the popular Timothy Goodman. In one space, he has an incredible gift of putting text and clustered cartoon designs together effectively in every work he makes. While both the objects and words are confined in this space, they still flow perfectly throughout the design.

One of his works that features the famous brand, Adidas, is the first of his designs that stands out in his recent Instagram feed. The use of blueberry and carmine colors in the design allow the viewer’s eyes to travel throughout work like a treasure hunt. You are constantly discovering words or doodles of a rocket ship or fire hydrant. In the center, one Adidas UltraBoost shoe is placed amongst the clustered objects and words. The playful colors and hidden objects let the viewer see a delightful design that promotes a brand in a fun new light.

Goodman never disappoints when it comes to his work whether it be only text or a combination of words and cartoon subjects. If you are trying to find delightful designs for reference, Goodman is the guy to check out.