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Creating A Strong Brand Identity for Food

As we further ourselves into the realm of design, do you ever catch yourself admiring something so ordinary with an elegant design? The food industry has always been a striving business and has always paired well with design. However, small shop restaurants are picking up the pace and surpassing big names brands with their creative and innovating designs. Illustrator, Shaun Hill, has recreated the brand identity of Baba G, a small rotisserie deli located in South Africa. The artist is able to offer a sleek, contemporary and distinctive identity for Baba G. In doing so, Hill is able to give homage to the Afro-Mediterranean culture within the design, which allows the brand identity to be more enticing and riveting. As a consumer and designer, I find myself more inclined to purchase a well-designed product. Creating a strong design for any business pays off as more consumers will be inclined to purchase the item and are more likely to understand the concept of the brand identity. Correctly designing an identity will lead the products sell themselves based off design and allows the brand to have a voice.