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Around the World with Lang Calendars

Are you tired of your cat calendar? Every month it’s the same, either a tabby or Siamese cat is the focal point with a garden in background. What if every month you could experience a new part of the world from your own home? Imagine that you flip from February to March after seeing a landscape of Petersburg, Russia and then see Dublin Ireland. Lang’s Around the World calendars offer these vivid sights through the artwork of various artists.

This series of Lang calendars always brings new enjoyment to the viewer with every page flip. The colors and intricate detail of each artwork creates a sense of adventure and longing. As the year progresses the artwork relates to the change in seasons. In June, the scenery is warm and sunny while in December, the scene has snow on the rooftops of buildings. With each year, comes newer and more gorgeous artwork because Lang never disappoints. Throw away that cat calendar and travel around the world with Lang calendars.