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Why Target Carts Don’t Suck

Ever given one of those babies a whirl? Target carts are the definition of mobility, efficiency, and speed. In 2011, Target rolled out with a new cart design that enhanced the shopping experience. The new target cart was designed by Boston-based design firm, Continuum. Retiring their metal carts, the new cart weighs about 15–20 lbs. less than their older carts, which weighed about 70 lbs. Not only does it weigh significantly less, but it is also made out of lightweight recycled material, which contributes to the reason why it weighs less. With the new design, it’s less likely to damage parking lot vehicles or shelves within the store. Coming from a frequent Target shopper, I can safely say these carts are the easiest to maneuver. Its non-rusty and non-squeaky awkward elements make my personal shopping experience completely effortless. The new design is attractive, comfortable, and unlike other carts used at competing retail stores. Target was successfully able to redesign their cart without losing their brand identity or aesthetic value.

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