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Future Skylines

Reaching new impressive heights, todays new skyscrapers look like they are being taken out of sci fi movies. The new designs for these mega tall buildings are all getting more impressive and elaborate. Architects are now including twists, turns, intricate shapes and gardens in their designs. One proposed design for an elaborate skyscraper in New York city calls for a building in the shape of the letter u. The tower is to be called the Big Bend and is being designed by the Greek architect Ioannis Oikonomou. It would measure about 4,000 feet from one end to the other. This building was designed to bypass height and zoning restrictions in Manhattan. Another intricate skyscraper is Dubai’s Burj Al Arab which was designed to appear like a sail to avoid casting a shadow on the neighboring beach. Another complex design is the Panama City’s F&F Tower which rotates like a helix to include four exterior balconies on each level. These new skyscrapers are being designed to be more elaborate to bypass obstacles in their surroundings. The future skylines of cities around the world will be very interesting to see.

F&F tower
Burj Al Arab

The Big Bend

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  1. ccollett wrote:

    These are all really interesting uses of creativity to solve problems in architecture! The Big Bend skyscraper really surprises me and I wonder what the levels are like at the top where it bends like that. Very interesting and inspiring!

    Sunday, March 17, 2019 at 8:54 pm | Permalink

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