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Which Music Platform?

Music: a foundation of unity, and a way for people to come together for a connected experience. Music is something that we all enjoy and experience simultaneously, but how and where we listen may be different depending on the person. Two music platforms in particular holds different aesthetics and slightly different values. Both Apple Music and Spotify has their users paying the same rates, except for initial starting price with Spotify offering a free trial for people to test out how they like it. Both require a payment of $9.99 a month, but students receive a discount of $4.99 a month. So what’s the difference between the two? Appearance is an obvious observation and instead of debating for which is better, I would like to highlight what each does well. Both platforms has pretty successful designs. When on the application, Apple Music does a good job with taking the user to a list of the albums he/she has saved previously. This is useful because it is easy to add and curate individual playlists and albums to your library and you can always find them later. For Spotify, it does a really great job of finding music for whatever you desire, and everything can be easily located. For example, the ‘Recently Played’ section being in the front and center in ‘Your Library’ section. Personally, I prefer Spotify’s darker color palette compared to Apple Music’s white tone, but no matter the preference, both delivers easy access for streaming music and has their own qualities to be appreciated by different people.

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  1. ccollett wrote:

    It’s interesting to think how maybe if these two designs were combined, we could get the best of both worlds and have maybe a truly “perfect” design that caters to all aspects of listening and consuming music.

    Sunday, March 17, 2019 at 2:20 pm | Permalink

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