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Windows 10 still in progress

Windows 10 still in progress

Windows 10 is a great operating system and it includes a lot of amazing features that is predecessors did not. One thing that Windows 10 is lacking in is a consistent desing language. Windows Vista introduced us to Aero with its glass like transparent effects and Windows 8 brought us Metro U.I. Which is a design language that simplified the overall look of windows by including basic geometric shapes, simplified icons, and high contrast. Windows 10 introduced fluent design language which brings, plastic like transparency, light, motion, material, scale effects. This design language for their user interface is being used on all Microsoft devices and Windows 10 computers but there are still some inconsistencies in some small areas like icons and context menus looking dated. Microsoft is adding small fixes and changes with every new update, but it will be a while until a finalized version of their fluent design appears. Windows 10 will look and feel different and distinguish itself from it predecessors when fluent design is finished.

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