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Handwritten Logos

Logos have been useful over the past years; they can represent a company by just the simplest design. Through time logos have been altered to create something new and innovating. Logos have been altered from 3-D design to flatten down logos that have minimalist colors. Lately there has been a new trend were logos have been handwritten these are called handwritten type face logos. Even though these trends have been around for a while they have come back and can be seen in famous logos such as Kellogg’s, Disney, Ray Ban, and Coca-Cola.  When the first time 3-D design logos came out it was something that no one could have ever imagined to create. Older styles have been coming back and these can be seen in clothing, home decor, and logos. If logos change would there be different innovative design for logos in the future? There have been new designs for logos and some of which are 3-D logos that have an animation to them.