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Package Design More Important Than You Thought

As children, many of us were enthused at the thought of going to a toy store and buying that brand-new action figure or doll. But after a few weeks, some children lose interest in their new toy because there is an even newer toy. This could be because the child may feel that the magic has vanished after unboxing their plastic treasure. So perhaps, the toy is not what initially sparks joy into a child’s heart, but the graphic design of the packaging. The design of the packaging is vital in making the sale. If designed effectively using color theory, placement of text, hierarchy and incorporates the toy well, then a child may find it more appealing. For example, thrift stores often sell toys that come in plastic see-through baggies. These displays are unappealing and make every single toy at the thrift store look generic. So, without well designed, eye-catching packaging, a toy may as well be mere dust in the wind.

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