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It Matters: Keeping Your Files Organized

There’s been countless amount of times I’ve seen a disorganized and inefficient filing system amongst my peers. With countless files flying around your entire computer, it’s nearly impossible to find a specific file within a couple of seconds. Awkwardly waiting for someone to pull up a file as they panic and with you waiting is painful and annoying. Maintaining an organized and efficient filing system allows a little peace of mind for every designer. Keeping a coherent structure results in saving time, files, embarrassment, and stress.

            The first step in keeping organized files is deciding where you want to store them. Are you using a cloud service, a hard drive, a server, or your personal desktop? When deciding where to store your files, make sure it is a secured space for filing and that you have enough storage. Second step is assessing how you’ll name your precious files. Creating a consistent and logical hierarchal system produces efficiency and prevents less room for error. And last but not least – back up your files. Backing up your files on a regular basis is the safest and smartest way in dodging computer break downs, human error, or anything else that could possibly go wrong.

            In the end, keeping an organized filing system is the best way to go. It reflects how professional you are when it comes down to your job and makes life less stressful.