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CVS/Pharmacy Gets a Heart

CVS/Pharmacy has a new heart to greet its customers. Before making the change to multiple storefronts, CVS had a simple cherry red text on the outside of each store. The text was effective and fit with the theme of the business perfectly. When you drove by the sign was easily visible because of the bright color and bold fonts.

New CVS/Pharmacy logo

Since CVS had not rebranded in years, they decided to update their logo from just text to the same lettering with a logo. The design, a block-shaped heart, is the same cherry red as the rest of the store causing the customers to be overwhelmed with too much of the same color. The heart’s shape almost looks like something out of a digital video game which does not fit the store brand.

While CVS/Pharmacy wants to stand out with a uniquely designed heart, the shapes that make up the design are unattractive. Since the stores revolve around medications and health, the rebrand does make sense. While still displaying the heart, CVS/Pharmacy should reconsider the shape of the object itself for the rebrand to communicate health efficiently.

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