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How Do They Do It?!

Does anyone else look at a piece of design and sometimes get this complete feeling of inadequacy? The more design work I look at, the more I sometimes think to myself, “How am I ever going to make it in this industry?” I came across designer David Water’s portfolio, via (my personal favorite design blog site), and the work that he’s produced is fantastic. So the real question is, is his work good because he has the patience to be so detailed? Or is it pure talent?

Almost all of his work is incredibly detailed. And when I say incredibly detailed, I’m talking stuff that I don’t think most people could ever imagine putting into a design. Every intricate detail is what makes his work so fascinating- everything is incredibly complex and there’s so much to look at. All I can think is “How the HECK does he do it?”

The brilliance and fine detail found in his work makes me afraid that, because I can’t produce or even conceive something of that nature, maybe I won’t be as good of a designer as I’d like to be. There’s such a catch-22 in looking at other designers work; on one hand, it’s fantastic inspiration and new ideas. On the other, it can definitely make you feel like “oh man, I could never make something like that”.

Take a look at his work, regardless. It’s fantastic. And don’t get discouraged!