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Conquering Networking

Networking may seem scary to all us, especially if you are new to the game. It can be awkward, tricky, and confusing­, but learning how to network is a lifelong skill everyone in the working world uses and is a powerful tool when used appropriately. First things first, have the right attitude. Be excited and appear friendly, this will make you more approachable and your success rate will go up all with the right attitude. Be excited, learn to speak up, and look forward to it, it will help this new game become much easier and less dreadful. Another tip is learning to listen carefully. Learning to listen will help you gauge who you’d like to build a genuine relationship with. Get to know the person or company and let their intentions come through. Maybe you’ll be about it, maybe you won’t. But in the end, you’ll know what they are about and whether you would like to become a part of their team or not. Listening goes a long way when it boils down to networking. In addition, it’s essential to have thick skin. Sometimes, you’re just not the right fit and that’s ok, the world will keep spinning and you’ll be fine. Learning how to have thick skin is important because you will be able to build from that, separate yourself from your work and understand it’s not personal. In the end, there are so many different tips and trick on how to network, but just remember it’s not rocket science. The best way to do it is to get in the game and to drop that fear, and most importantly, be humble.

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