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Overpriced Design: It’s All in the Band’s Name

You just discovered your favorite band is touring and they are playing a gig near you, so you buy tickets frantically. Then you see they also sell apparel, but everything is overpriced even down to the beanies.

The designs of band merchandise are either complicated or they just have a standard font stamped on the front of a t-shirt. For instance, LANY, an indie pop band, has a variety of designs when it comes to their online store. The “LANY DICE T-SHIRT,” has a clean spherical design with roses and dice encompassed in a checkered circle on the front with red text on the back, all for thirty dollars. On the other hand, “‘OK, MISS KLEIN’ TEE,” is thirty dollars solely because the band’s name is presented across the chest in a simple bold font. What makes the second design irritating is that the shirt can easily be replicated by custom-made t-shirt websites for much lower prices.

While you may be committed to the band, they do not have to know where you got your t-shirt from. If you still want to represent them, try to find a way not to spend more money than what a t-shirt design is worth.